SHAPING DFW: Captain Casual

With a penchant for outrageous color and an overall “happy” vibe, Captain Casual has created a cult-like following. Though becoming an artist was the result of something far less happy: being pronounced officially dead for a full 12 seconds.  “I’m actually on my second life. I died in 2015 for 12 seconds. At the time I was in finance, working as a derivatives trader at a trading desk. I decided to leave it all behind and dive into art as a way to spread my happiness and make the world more colorful.”


Captain Casual has had the chance to do cool projects and give back. “I worked with Nike to give 150 hand-painted pairs of football cleats to the local Dallas high schoolers. In 2019, I teamed up with Under Armour and Steph Curry to create a special experience at basketball training camps. I’ve been able to create massive murals all over Dallas and Miami, including the infamous Wynwood Walls and Arts District.”


Click here for Captain Casual’s personal experience with Cadillac and find him on Instagram at @captaincasual. #ShapingDFW