300 Miles to X - David Maldonado

Bold and innovative talent from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston share their stories and inspirations from the driver’s seat of the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ*. The 2023 LYRIQ rear wheel drive offers an EPA estimated 312 miles on a full charge. The actual LYRIQ range will vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, loading, use and maintenance. Learn more at Cadillac.com.

“Artwork in a sense gives us a permission to feel.”– David Maldonado

David Maldonado, a street artist, illustrator, and designer from Pasedena, Texas, uses a piece of home in every project he works on. Maldonado has been selected by the city to produce artwork as part of a beautification initiative, and he admittedly took it to an ambitious level. The result is a bright, vibrant mural in his hometown inspired by his childhood. Maldonado grew up with citrus trees in his backyard, and he says the mockingbird picking up twigs represents the city picking itself up to build something new, especially for the creative community.

Maldonado takes to the streets of his hometown in the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ for the last installment of a four-part series focusing on bold, Texas creatives. Cadillac embraces legacy in every detail, a concept Maldonado can relate to in his own art. From graphic design, to murals, to designing baseball cleats for professional baseball teams, he finds a sense of liberation while drawing on his close-knit community. Design of the LYRIQ is rooted in the classic form of the early Cadillac’s—the spacious cabin and refined interior remind the driver of what makes a Cadillac special.

Maldonado pushes his creative process forward and brings his hometown along with him. His work can be seen across Houston now, and he’s finding new ways to display his art through different mediums, including even custom basketball designs.

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