Escalade’s new interior design is heavily influenced by Cadillac’s Escala concept vehicle — a design that also debuted an OLED display — and breaks new ground with the first-ever Gideon Whisper Beige trim combination.

The new curved OLED display is the centerpiece of the interior, enabling designers to integrate and customize the entire environment, rather than simply inserting a standard rectangular screen into a conventional instrument panel. The result is a completely fresh, integrated cabin look that seamlessly blends the technology with handcrafted details.

A mix of electronic controls and physical switches offer intuitive operation of vehicle features. The OLED display includes touch-screen control for the center display, while the interior also includes a full-feature rotary dial controller and steering wheel controls. Additional touches include stainless-steel speaker grilles, intricate piping on the door panels and ambient lighting with a wide range of color choices.

The interior is further distinguished by no less than eight color and trim choices, which include unique seat designs, with custom perforation and quilting patterns.



With this available feature, an electric motor pulls each door closed to its primary position, after it has been closed over its secondary latch position, eliminating hard door slams.