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Ways to Celebrate National Golf Month

1. Plan a Trip

Plan a trip with your family or friends to play at a new course. Even if it’s a quick road trip, it’ll create for some fun memories.

2. Play for Something

Whether it’s for fun or for charity, spice up your game and put something on the line.

3. Play with Your Kids

Take your kids out to the course on a slow afternoon or even just to a range.

4. Play a Par-3 Course

Improve your wedge and mid-iron game, by playing a par-3.

5. Take a Lesson

Even if you think you’re a pro or know nothing about the game, taking a golf lesson can be fun and rewarding. You never know just what you might learn.

6. Get the First Tee Time

Wake up just a little early and be the first one out on the course for the day.

7. Play 36

Be a little bold and daring and play 36 in one day. You’ll never forget the day when you played 36.

8. Walk or Take a Golf Cart

If you typically ride the golf cart, walk for the day. Or vice versa. It’ll be fun to change up the way you play and to see how it feels.


Enjoy and have some fun!