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Top Shades for Men: Summer 2015


A pair of shades can say a lot about your personality. Whether you are into a cool, classic Ray-Ban or an edgy RETROSUPERFUTURE, we have your style nailed down.



Looking to rock something that will match every style you choose to a tee? Then this is exactly what you are looking for. The Carrera 5022/S lets you pick your style with different colored frames that you can snap on and off of the lightweight metal frame. With both round and square frames, you will have nothing but choices.




Add a little logic to your fashion with polarized lenses. Not only will you be following one of the hottest trends in sunglass style, but you will be doing your eyes a favor as well. With glare-free vision, more natural colors, and 100% eye protection, this is a must for summer 2015.




Into retro inspired, shades that will have you looking in tune with vintage style? Giorgio Armani has created your all time perfect pair of sunglasses. Armani means quality, so you really can’t go wrong with these cool classics.

Giorgio Armani


The ultimate classic of all sunglasses, the original Ray-Ban Wayfarer. These bad boys have been around since 1952, for a good reason, they have an indescribably cool heritage. If you don’t own a pair of these, you shold. 




Set yourself apart from the crowd. These one of a kind shades bring everything you love about sunglasses into one cohesive, yet vibrant look. Tortoise shell and cyan-tinted mirrored lenses? What more could one with bold and uncompromising taste ask for?



The D-frame shape is making a comeback in 2015. These Gucci shades will add some flare to your style with a classic, yet subtle look. With understated gold accents and grey tinted lenses, your style will be emphasized in all of the right ways.




If you are that sporty guy who is always fighting the sun, then Oakley is the place to go. With glare reduced by 99%, these sporty shades are just something you can’t say no to. Should you wear them to fit your cool summer style? No. Wear them when you feel like going for a run or playing some baseball.



Express yourself this summer with the ultimate trends in men’s sunglass fashion. The best accessory of the summer? The sleek, stylish 2015 Cadillac ATS Sedan. With craftsmanship unlike any other you may even find yourself enjoying the journey more than the destination.