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Texas Swimming Holes for the Summer

Grab your swim suit and sunscreen and get ready to have a blast.


Barton Springs

Probably one of the most well-known – if not the most – swimming holes in Texas. Nestled in the heart of Austin, this 3-acre lake will not disappoint. Beware though, Barton Springs water is 68 degrees year around. But on a hot summer day, what’s not to love about that?


Jacobs Well

If you’re looking for some clear water this is the place to go. Jacobs Well is only 12-feet across, but it has some of the most beautiful scenery around. Before heading that way, make sure you book in advance as there are certain restrictions/hours.


Hamilton Pool

Fifty-foot falls of water cascade over a limestone shelf and into the big, blue-green lagoon. This swimming hole is probably the most unique one Texas has to offer. Just like Jacobs Well, make sure to reserve a spot before heading that way.


Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park is in east Texas and is one of the best places in east Texas to beat the heat. It’s a 64-acre spring fed lake with cold waters awaiting. Not only is this state park perfect for swimming, but you can also kayak and fish.


Krause Springs

In the heart of the Texas hill country you will come across this gem. Just 30 miles east of Austin this spring fed pool awaits. Not only is there the spring fed pool, but also a man made one as well. Perfect place to take a day trip or camp overnight.


Add these swimming holes to your bucket list this summer and enjoy the natural beauty of Texas!