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Now that the school year has come to an end your kids are likely buzzing with excitement about their summer days ahead. To help keep their enthusiasm alive plan ahead with activities that will keep your children’s minds engaged and their hearts happy. Here are some fun trips and tips to keep your summer running smoothly.


Farmers Market—This is a great, healthy way to get your kids out of the house, incorporate a learning opportunity and get involved with your local community. Together, you and your kiddos can learn about the local fare and producers in your area as well as pick up fresh produce. Beforehand, pick out a few recipes and make a shopping list so you know exactly what to look for. This is an easy activity that can be incorporated throughout the whole summer and well into the school year.


Lemonade Stand—A lemonade stand might sound cliché, but it’s a classic summer pastime. Dedicate time towards building and decorating a stand together.  Whether you choose to make the stand complex, like building your own stall, or simple like a table and chairs – do it as a family. Let your kids get creative and add their personality to it with stickers, paper, paint or markers. Add a twist to the lemonade you’re sell by making different flavors. When you’re done donate the money earned to charity or towards funding a new summer activity.


Tea Party—Invite your friends and their little ones to get dressed up and join your family for an afternoon party. Brew some tea, bake a few pastries and fix some light sandwiches, you can also ask guests to each bring a snack or dessert. Decorate with some fresh cut flowers and you’ve got a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family.


Berry Picking—Another fun way to get out of the house and explore. With a multitude of farms to choose from, pick your favorite fruit and set out on a journey the kids will love. Make a contest out of who can find the ripest pick. Afterwards you’ll be able to take home your findings and enjoy creating baked treats, smoothies or even your next pancake topper together.


Make Popsicles— Beat the heat with homemade popsicles, you can also incorporate the berries you picked at the farm or from your farmer’s market trips. Puree different fruits, add them to a popsicle mold and insert popsicle sticks. Experiment with different flavors, strawberry pineapple, blueberry lemonade and banana mango are all great combinations y kids will love.


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