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Spring leaves us with a fresh clean slate, a time for rebirth and newness. As our gardens begin to sprout we are reminded of the natural beauty that surrounds us. So, why not bring some of that fresh, new life inside of the house? A simple, yet elegant succulent terrarium will add a breath of life to your home.








Accents of your choice

Terrarium Container


First, add a layer of rocks to the bottom of your terrarium, the rock will prevent your roots from rotting.


Layer a very thin coat of charcoal on top of the rock. Be sure to make it thin enough so the rocks are still visible. This will act as a filter for your succulents.


Cover both layers with sand, this time making sure the rocks are not visible, then add soil.


From here, add in your succulents, moss, and accents to the terrarium. If you have chosen to do a smaller terrarium, it may help to use long tweezers to help you position your plants.


In a few hours, water your terrarium. You will want to use very little water because at this stage, the succulents will be very prone to overwatering.


Place your terrarium in indirect sunlight and enjoy the subtlety and mod vibe it brings to a room.


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