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Streamline Your Wardrobe

We’ve all been there, a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Sure, we have a handful of staple pieces that we can’t live without, but the rest of our closet can go untouched. Take back your closet and set aside time for building a wardrobe that’s versatile, stylish and streamlined. 

Empty Your Closet

Instead of rifling through clothes while they’re hung up, use an afternoon to empty your closet. Lay everything out so you can see what’s hiding. Sort your items into piles:

  • Love it – These items fit your lifestyle and you feel comfortable and wear them now.
  • Maybe – This is for pieces that don’t fit right. The color could be off; it has sentimental value or you haven’t worn it. Put these items in a box and store it out of the way. If you find yourself reaching for an item in the box, return it to your closet. Otherwise at the end of the season, donate anything left inside.
  • Nope – This is self-explanatory. Donate, swap with a friend or sell.
  • Seasonal – If it’s something that’s necessary, like a winter coat, but not a year round item, put it away until the appropriate season rolls in.

Take Stock of What’s Left

Now that you’ve pared down, assess what is left. Since these are your love it pieces, your personal style should be apparent. If you still need to downsize, put a few more pieces into your maybe box. Make a plan to shop for the pieces that are staples and can fill in any gaps you notice.

Shop Smart and Purposefully

Change your shopping habits and start shopping thoughtfully. Get specific and think of places, events and your day-to-day life. If you see yourself wearing a piece to your regular spots or at work, then go for it. If not, back it goes.

Keep Your Closet Simple and Streamlined

Hit unsubscribe to retailer emails advertising the latest sale to avoid impulse buying. Try out the popular capsule wardrobe idea. Create a wardrobe made up of versatile pieces you completely love that fit your lifestyle and personal style.

Now that you’ve simplified your closet, follow these steps year-round to maintain its health. Self-discipline is key and by repeating these steps all year long, you’ll preserve the streamlined wardrobe you created.