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Meet Travis and Emma Heim, founders and owners of Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth, Texas.

Travis first started cooking brisket at the age of 12 on his grandfather’s smoker in the backyard of his house. At 15, Travis built his very first smoker and began cooking ribs for all of his family.

Travis and Emma met in junior high but did not start dating until he was a senior in high school and she was a freshman in college. Travis’s love of barbecue continued on throughout their relationship. After getting married and looking for more opportunities to cook barbecue, the two started T & E Meat club where they would throw a party with friends and family while also testing out new recipes.

In 2013, Travis was laid off and decided to follow his passion full-time and lease a food truck in order to sell their barbecue. The small food truck quickly gained traction and notoriety, causing people to wait hours in line for their food.

Travis and Emma eventually opened up a brick and mortar store that has see great success. They are proud of their restaurant as a staple in the community and a place for friends and family to come together to enjoy good food. Emma says the community is giving back to them and shaping the restaurant as much as they are giving to the community.

Years down the road, the couple hopes to continue to be a fixture in the Fort Worth community where people can come together to eat good barbecue and leave happy.

At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture - including the Heim’s drive to follow and achieve their dreams.

Their continuous passion makes them two of the dedicated and driving persons shaping Dallas/Fort Worth.