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SHAPING DFW: Rakkasan Tea

Rakkasan Tea is a veteran-owned and operated Dallas-based business importing and selling loose leaf tea from post-conflict nations in the belief that countries with robust economies are less prone to civil conflict. Veterans are typically mission-based people, and this has given these veterans a renewed sense of mission.

Rakkasan Tea was born in Afghanistan. The company was founded by Brandon Friedman as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 as he was looking for a way to help rebuild communities destroyed in the wake of war. Shortly after launching, Friedman was joined fellow Army vet Terrence “TK” Kamauf. Some of the first tea the company sold came from Vietnam, and now the company offers tea from nearly every continent, including Rwanda, Colombia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

“We knew from our military experience how difficult the path to recovery for communities can be,” Friedman said. “We figured we could not only promote peace and economic development by helping farmers in those areas reach the U.S. market, but we could also bring American tea enthusiasts’ flavors and aromas they’d never experienced.”

While still in its early days, Rakkasan Tea can be found around DFW. Besides selling directly through its online shop, Rakkasan can also be found at 1890 Marketplace, Fair & Square Imports, and at the Coppell Farmers Market.

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