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Shaping DFW: Meat Church

Originally from Tennessee, Matt Pittman grew up on pork and sweet barbeque. When coming to central Texas, he had his first taste of salt and pepper barbeque.

In college Pittman’s roommates competed in barbeque contests. Pittman tagged along for fun, and really took an interest in competitive BBQ.

After college, Pittman entered the corporate world and put BBQ on the back burner. After 7-8 years into the corporate world, his brother and him began competing in BBQ competitions as Meat Church.

Pittman was southern Baptist raised and was nervous to use the name Meat Church, but he credits his success to the name, since it’s so unique and original.

Pittman and his brother were selected to be on the TV show BBQ Pitmasters. Since being on the show Meat Church’s business really took off. They started their business online with 2 BBQ rubs and a couple of shirts. Meat Church today is now a unique brand offering BBQ supplies, apparel, recipes and instructions.

Pittman eventually convinced his wife to let him quit his corporate job and now devotes all his time to Meat Church BBQ online and the storefront they’ve opened in Waxahachie, TX.

Matt Pittman is Shaping DFW one BBQ rub at a time.