Metroplex Cadillac Dealers


Growing up in south Dallas, Tim and Terrence Maiden (AKA The Maiden Twins) could have easily followed the path of many of their friends—a dead end route of drugs and unemployment. But these graduates of Carter High School chose a different path.


Excelling scholastically and athletically, both twins earned football scholarships to TCU. Upon graduation, both were scouted by the NFL, and yet again, the Maiden Twins took the path less taken. Instead, they chose to enter the work force; Tim in banking and Terrence in real estate. Both climbed their respective ladders quickly, while all along maintaining a burning desire to give back to the south Dallas community that they say shaped them.


Just five years after graduation, the twins started the Two-Wins foundation with the goal of “building communities and changing lives”. For 10 years, they’ve been doing just that.


By taking groups of students out of south Dallas, literally, to places like hospitals, hotels, college campuses and so on, they say that these students are able to get a glimpse of what is truly out there and the endless possibilities.


The Maiden Twins assist with internships, raise money (over $250,000 for community renovation alone) and never forget the community they feel is responsible for the men they have become.


No matter their level of success, Terrence and Tim have south Dallas on their radar, not just in their words but in their actions.


This past year Terrence, now a real-estate developer, broke ground on a new project. Glen Oaks Crossing is a first of its kind shopping area including Walmart, Game Stop, Metro PCS and more than a dozen other businesses in a previously depressed area of south Dallas.


Tim, an executive with Frost Bank, is tasked with a growth strategy for south Dallas, including job opportunities and new locations. The Maiden Twins say they never want to forget where they came from, and that their hearts are never far from those streets. There is no doubt they prove that each and every day.


With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Maiden Twins are also branching out into the clothing business with a brand that meshes with their idea of inner city youth ‘rising up’ against uncertain futures. For these twins, one thing is certain: the best may be yet to come.