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Kate Weiser has had a passion for sweets since she was a little girl. Weiser’s passion was inspired by her dad. Weiser’s dad would always bring her into the kitchen as he cooked meals for her and her family on the weekends.

Weiser began her journey to become a chocolatier by attending California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  Upon graduation in 2005, she returned to her hometown and worked in various restaurants.

In 2009, Weiser moved to Dallas for love. In order to make ends meet, she was looking for a third or fourth part time job. Weiser decided to pursue chocolate making. Weiser spent four years learning the ins and out of chocolate. After years of perfecting her chocolates, Weiser decided to create her own company. In 2014, Weiser opened Kate Weiser Chocolates in Trinity Groves.

Weiser’s journey hasn’t always been as sweet as it seems. Weiser’s struggles included harsh critiques of her chocolates and the unknown of how to survive as a business owner. Weiser credits her success to her passion and drive of wanting to succeed. Also, she gives credit to other chocolatiers in the DFW area who have helped her along the way.

Since 2014, Kate Weiser Chocolate has seen enormous success. The company has grown from one to three stores, as well as gained national spot light from Oprah. Weiser has a full-time staff of 35-40 women who help make the chocolates and run the stores.

Weiser hopes through her business she can spark creativity in younger girls and be an inspiration to more female business owners.

Kate Weiser is shaping DFW one chocolate at a time.