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Meet Jon Alsup, entrepreneur and co-founder of Openkey in Dallas, Texas. 

Alsup grew up around Dallas/Fort Worth, raised by a single mother. His entrepreneurial spirit began in 5th grade when he would write his classmates’ book reports in exchange for money.

After leaving college in Missouri, Alsup moved back to Dallas and began taking classes at community college while he worked on a start-up with a friend. He then sold his portion of the company and began growing his interest in technology while he learned how to code.  

He then had the idea for Openkey, a mobile app used to open hotel room doors with Bluetooth technology. The young app already has contracts with almost 60 companies. The app simplifies the hotel check-in process by allowing a person to completely check into his or her hotel through the app and, in turn, open the door to the room through holding the phone up to the lock.

At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture - including Alsup’s drive to create industry-leading technology.

His continuous passion makes him one of the dedicated and driving persons shaping Dallas/Fort Worth.