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Shaping DFW: Jencey Keeton

Sweet Tooth Hotel is an experiential art and retail experience like no other. Located in Victory Park in Dallas, TX this 5,000 square feet space is filled with unique and one of a kind art.

Growing up as a kid, Jencey spent many summer’s doing art with her mom, as her mom was an art teacher. When she got to high school she transitioned from art to theater. Then transitioned once again in college from theater to computer science. Realizing that her passion wasn’t in computer science, she switched majors.

Jencey then worked for a global retailer doing social media and marketing. Through that experience she had the privilege to work on an art project called 29 rooms in Brooklyn, NY.

After Jencey left the global retailer, she got into commercial real estate. One day she was working in Victory Park and thought to herself that that would be the perfect place to put an art experience.

Jencey and her husband Cole, then opened Sweet Tooth Hotel. They self-funded the project and took a leap of faith. The duo realized there’s so much talent right in their own backyard, and decided to only feature artists from the DFW area.

The Keeton’s were unsure and skeptical of how the exhibit would be perceived by the community. Sweet Tooth Hotel shattered all expectations, and had almost 35,000 people visit within the last year.

The neat thing about Sweet Tooth Hotel is that the art is interactive and “pop-up.” Meaning that the art doesn’t always stay the same. Sweet Tooth Hotel is currently in their third installation and the theme is “Discotech.” Make sure to go check it out while you can.

Jencey and Cole Keeton are Shaping DFW one art exhibit at a time.