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SHAPING DFW: FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh is a $40 million skincare company based in McKinney, Texas, dedicated to saving the lives and futures of injured, set-for-auction, and otherwise “discarded” animals. The company’s 10-acre (and growing) ranch is home to dozens of previously neglected and injured farm animals. 10% of the proceeds each year is dedicated to animal rescue of all kinds. Their passion is undisputed!

FarmHouse Fresh has been serving “really delicious skincare” online, at thousands of spas, and in stores for 15 years, but animals have always been at the heart of the business. Celebrities are in love with the products and company, and Oprah even included them on her famous Favorite Things lists! FarmHouse has received offers to sell or bring in outside labs and investors but have resisted, remaining dedicated to the mission and purpose of helping animals.

Shannon McLinden, FarmHouse Fresh’s founder, has always been an animal lover and rescuer. Her sister-in-law, Delia McLinden, who is the company’s vice president and head of sales, used to work for one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the country. When they started making products for people, they knew cute critters needed to be involved too.

Five years ago, the McLinden’s added an animal rescue to their headquarters, now home to a stunning, massive two-story white barn that serves as the business epicenter of the company. “We are super hands-on. We work with the cruelty division of the SPCA of Texas and the North Texas Humane Society,” Shannon said of FarmHouse Fresh’s rescue work. “We try to take some of their most difficult cases, the animals that need vet care on a constant basis. We’re out there actually taking care of the animals and administering medicines. Almost all of them have a funky, unique food that we make ourselves.”

To learn more about FarmHouse Fresh’s products and rescue work, visit the website here. You can also follow them on Instagram @farmhousefresh. #ShapingDFW