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Shaping DFW: Dennis Cail

Virtue is a veteran-owned and operated Dallas based business that allows for borrowing money between friends and family. Dennis Cail, owner of Virtue realized a need for fair and equitable capital without exorbitant interest rates. Growing up in an underserved community he witnessed first-hand how predatory lending impacted low income, veteran, and minority demographics.

Cail stated an astounding fact that 33% of Americans cannot pay an unexpected $400 expense. Virtue is creating a solution for those who are forced to make tough decisions. Last year, Virtue processed over 30 million in loans and with less than a 2% default rate. “We are out to prove that friends and family are the biggest bank in the world. But we are also out to prove that under the right circumstances people are actually more inclined to pay their friends and family back when they are allowed to set their own terms than their actual creditors.”

At Virtue they measure impact by how many people they can help. To hear Dennis Cail’s inspiring full story click here.

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