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From public community spaces to private homes, sculptor Brad Oldham has earned recognition by elevating many environments worldwide with his site-specific artworks and has earned recognition.

In 2011, the Texas Society of Architects recognized Oldham with its prestigious Artisan Award and heralded him as the Artist/Craftsman of the Year by the American Institute for Architects. In 2010, the Americans for the Arts included his $1.4 million installation The Traveling Man in its prestigious Year in Review program.

In his large-scale sculptures, which enhance the communities and in the collections of sculptures created for individual retail sales, the viewer will see that Oldham’s meticulous craftsmanship, passion, and creativity are cast into his every creation. He enjoys exploring his visual aesthetic to communicate stories, yet the quality of his work remains constant and strong.

Oldham’s long list of sculptures may be viewed around the globe. His public pieces on display include locations such as the Center for Brain Health in Dallas, Texas, along with his work entitled Whimsy in the city’s Exall Park and a 28-piece, indoor-outdoor installation at the Lumen Hotel.

In 2007, the artist’s work was featured in a month-long installation on Good Morning America. Recent commissions for Oldham’s work include a sculpture for the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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