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Adrian Clark is the owner of AC Sports Management in Dallas, Texas. Clark was born and raised in Dallas in the Pleasant Grove area and was inspired to start his business in his hometown.  

Clark started watching boxing tapes when he was just seven years old to learn how to defend himself against his older brother. He went on to box for years to come but later decided he’d rather be on the business side of the sport.

Clark’s decided to go into business with his friend and professional basketball player, CJ Miles. Clark was then inspired to start his own sports management company in 2012. AC Sports Management Company specializes in negotiating contracts for professional athletes, specifically professional boxing.

He’s shaking up the boxing world by breaking out of the old ways of representing boxers. Regular sports management companies charge their boxers outrageous percentages and they sign the fighters under strict contracts. Clark realized that he could manage these professional boxers differently, as well as educate them so that they understand their contracts, insurance and money when negotiating deals.  

Clark is passionate about changing the industry for the betterment of the boxers and wants to be remembered in the sport of boxing.

At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture - including Adrian Clark’s courage to follow his dreams and educate others.

His continuous passion makes him one of the dedicated and driving persons shaping Dallas/Fort Worth.