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Setting Goals for 2019

Here are ways to kick off 2019 with a bang.

  1. Start out strong

    Goals take effort to achieve. They don’t just magically happen if you sit back and relax. Set your mind to your goal and tell yourself you will accomplish it.

  2. Be Specific

    Be specific about your goal. Set realistic expectations and achieve them in small portions. For instance, if you haven’t exercised in a while don’t set a goal to run 20 miles a week. Start slow, maybe try 5 miles a week and gradually build your way up each and every week.

  3. Track your progress

    Keep a journal handy and write down each day or week if you achieved or did not achieve your goal. It will try to help keep you accountable.

  4. Plan B’s are ok

    If you are realizing the goal you set isn’t working out for you, that’s ok! Sit down and revise your goal and set your mind to accomplish the new goal.

  5. Have a positive attitude

    Don’t give up on your goal or yourself! If you find yourself slacking or shying away from your goal, start back up again. No one but yourself is holding you back from achieving your goal.

    Cheers to positive attitudes and achieving goals you set your mind to!