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Makeup Products that are Good for Your Soul… and Skin!

Take advantage of these makeup products. Here are a few products to try out!

1. Moisturizer

Great makeup begins with taking care of your skin! If you currently don’t use moisturizer, it’s worth the investment. Moisturizer will help replenish your skin so it feels and looks refreshed. This CeraVe Moisturizer can be found at several stores including Target, HEB, or Ulta.

2. Foundation

A good foundation can go a long way. But the key to a fresh look, is making sure the foundation is the right color and blends in nicely. You don’t want your foundation to look cakey. Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer offers a natural look that will last all day, plus is comes in 22 shades!

3. Blush

Blush can really have an effect on your overall look, which makes it a necessity. Blush will give your complexion a vibrant fresh look and comes in many forms. Whether you prefer powder, gel or cream, it is the perfect finishing touch. This NARS blush is an easy go-to that you are sure to love.  

Next time you find yourself at the makeup counter, consider trying one of these products. They can help make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day confidently.