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Lucky Dog Barkery


The Lucky Dog Barkery is the store a healthy, stylish and fun dog would build if he could. First, he’d stock lots of wholesome food. Mouth-watering things like Wing-A-Ling and Turducken and Grammy’s Pot Pie.


He’d add loads of fun toys. He’d make sure to have a cool, cement floor to lie on. He’d add a few comfy chairs that he’d sit on, even though he wasn’t supposed to. And lots of books about himself and his friends.


Then, he’d add more food. Raw food, like dogs eat in the wild. Some organic even. Nothing with any nasty fillers that don’t taste good.


He’d have leashes and collars, of course, for long walks or runs. Comfy beds stacked all the way to the ceiling. He’d add fun dog bowls and dog art and dog gifts and dog cards.


Then, more food. Natural treats owners wouldn’t be able to resist like Texas Tooth Picks and Sam's Yams.


He might not put in as many clothes as the store’s owner Marsha Lindsey did. (Maybe just some stylish sweaters for cold days but certainly not polo shirts or wedding gowns. He’ll never really understand humans!) He might not be quite as adamant that all the foods be 100% natural. But he would definitely agree with Marsha’s store policy: No dog ever leaves the Lucky Dog Barkery without a biscuit.


With the Cadillac ATS Sport Sedan you will not only enjoy this fabulous dog barkery, but the journey there as well. When you pay an impeccable amount of attention to detail and craftsmanship you will come out with the best in class. For attractive lease and purchase options visit your local Metroplex Cadillac Dealer today.