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An impulsive purchase of a cheap microphone at the age of 16 literally changed the life of Garland native Justin Mohrle. With no musical training or background, this now 24-year old started writing songs, and recording them with that same cheap microphone.


Not confident enough to sing, he opted to rap instead. Something clicked. Before long, he was spending 4-5 hours per day, in his parents’ garage, writing and recording.


A few years later, his first official gig at a coffee shop left him nervous and doubting his talent, but determined to do it again. Word, too, was spreading among the tight-knit circles of Dallas’ hip hop scene; there was a new kid on the block and he was crazy talented. They invited him into the circle and became mentors. Things began to happen. Meetings, collaborations…and a few years later, a sold-out show at the Granada Theater in Dallas.


Dallas hip hop legend The DOC heard Justus, and knowing he’d found a rare talent, made a point to get one of Justus’ recording to the hip hop mega mogul -- Dr. Dre.


The last 12 months have been a whirlwind: a request from Dr. Dre to move to Los Angeles; multiple writing and performing credits on Dr. Dre’s chart topping ‘Compton- A Soundtrack”; red carpets, parties, all-night recording sessions, and a reputation throughout as being courteous, appreciative, professional, and soulful.


Media outlets like the LA Times, Rolling Stone, and D Magazine have already covered his continued rise to stardom, but with an album in the works, and a growing buzz, the spotlight is on Justus and by virtue, the entire Dallas hip hop scene.


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