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DFW Shaper Honoree Carlyn Ray

Carlyn Ray is shaping our world through the strength, beauty, and limitless boundaries of glass.
Intrigued by glass at a young age Carlyn has a true gift. Her artistic talents are incredible. Her career trajectory is a unique one that ultimately brought her to owning her own studio. She loves sharing the process and has classes for underserved students. Sharing her creative process, and letting people feel a part of the piece is important to her. Her work in the Ronald McDonald house is stunning. Carlyn stated, “It’s so important for me to open the doors of my studio, to let people in to experience glass blowing. And when they walk out they see the world differently and they see this material of glass everywhere.” Glass is a working meditation for her and it takes her to a very peaceful place. A place filled with the endless possibilities of what she can do.
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