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The city of Dallas has money for artists, to the tune of up to $20,000. It's part of a new funding program from the Office of Cultural Affairs and it's calling for entries. Open to arts and cultural organizations as well as individual artists, the program is designed to foster the growth of a vibrant cultural ecosystem in Dallas.

The program builds on the success of a similar funding program that was created last year, says Charla Sanderson, a manager in the city's Office of Cultural Affairs. Last year's program has so far funded 18 projects, including murals, dance projects, and literary efforts.

"We had great feedback from that program, and were able to set this up as a kind of next step," she says.

It's available to arts organizations that are a 501c3 non-profit, have been around for at least three years, with a budget over $100,000, or to individual artists who work with such groups.

Called the Cultural Vitality Program, it focuses on three initiatives:

Cultural equity. The piece should connect people of diverse cultures, ages, and economic means. It should also reach out to historically underserved communities.

These should be more than just one-time events, but rather services that create active and ongoing engagement: building new infrastructure, access, awareness, and appreciation for participation in the arts in Dallas.

Neighborhood engagement. Many people, neighborhoods, and communities may not be aware of, feel connected to, or appreciate the benefits of participation in arts and cultural opportunities in Dallas. The proposals should engage the audience and the neighborhood.

Sustainability and resilience. Proposals should support arts organizations that are already established in Dallas.

Proposals will not be accepted if the project is religious or political, for fundraising purposes, or for a members-only kind of group that does not benefit the general public.

Individual artists must partner with an organization that will be included in the project and be part of the proposal as collaborators. Artists must have at least five years of professional experience in their field of expertise. Both the artist and the organization must be located within city limits. Contracts will range from $2,500-$20,000.

The first round of applications is due April 1. Projects must take place after May 1 and be done by September 30. The process begins with a letter of intent to apply, emailed to, and that's due by April 1.

More information plus application instructions can be found at


This article was originally appeared in CultureMap and has been republished with permission.