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Flower no-carve pumpkin. Simply poke holes in the pattern you’d like the flowers to be in and stick the short stems into the pumpkin to create a beautiful flower arrangement.

(photo source: Better Homes and Gardens)


White painted pumpkin. Simply buy any color fabric paint you’d like and let your creativity loose with a colorful pattern on your white pumpkin.

(photo source: A Beautiful Mess)


Thai-inspired pumpkin. This one involves a lot of patience and dedication but it definitely pays off with the end result. See the full carving instructions here.

(photo source: Rachel Cooks Thai)


Tetris pumpkin. This completely playable version of Tetris is sure to impress all of your Halloween guests.

(photo source: Handmade Charlotte)


Metallic no-carve pumpkins. This decorative idea is easy and creates beautiful statement pumpkin pieces. Simply use your choice of metallic spray paint on your desired pumpkins.

Wine cooler pumpkin. The perfect addition to any Halloween holiday party. Simply carve out the inside of the pumpkin and replace with ice to make an ice bucket in which to chill all your drinks.

(photo source: Everyday Dishes)



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