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Cadillac Collection


Luxury is in, and Cadillac does it best. Live out the Cadillac lifestyle in every aspect of your life with the Cadillac Collection. This special collection is a line of clothing, accessories and hand selected and customized for the most discretionary of drivers. You. The collection consists of the finest materials and craftsmanship - everything you’ve come to expect from Cadillac. Live life the right way, in complete and total luxury.



If you are looking for an easy, laidback style then we have the perfect look for you. Like our sculpted ATS Sport Sedan, our sports jackets offer a light and sleek appearance for maximum comfort and style. The fitted, sharp style of the jackets allow for a perfect morning run or relaxing weekend and come in men’s and women’s styles. If you are looking to fit an athletic build, like our ATS, then our sports jackets will fit into your lifestyle flawlessly.



Our Cadillac SRX Crossover has something for everyone, including the innovative CUE system and 4G LTE wireless capabilities. Similarly, the Cadillac Collection has something for the whole family, including children’s apparel! With children’s options ranging from rompers, to jackets and even to baby blankets, everyone is sure to find what they are looking for. 



Explore the world in style with our complete travel collection of luggage, bags and accessories. Like our CTS Luxury Sedan, our luggage will force others to stop, stare, and admire. With bags that are daringly distinctive you are sure to fall in love.



Style is key, but what happens when you intertwine it with technology? Like our XTS Luxury Sedan, the Cadillac Collection sunglasses test this theory. With custom, polarized Oakley’s and Ray Bans you are sure to get the best of both worlds. The indescribable feeling that a new XTS brings is something that only true class can uncover. Bring out the luxury in you with our Cadillac Sunglasses Collection.



When the best is the only choice you consider, a Montblanc writing instrument is the only way to experience true opulence and lavishness. Like the Escalade Luxury Utility Vehicle, there is nothing like a Montblanc Pen, it is simply in a class of its own.  With its bold and luxurious style, a Montblanc can do no wrong. Discover the finest gifts from the Cadillac Collection that will suit any occasion.


With fall upon us, a fashion savvy mind is a must. There is no better way to assure that you are keeping up with the current trends than to shop the Cadillac Collection, it will undoubtedly ravish and adorn any style. Find which luxury sedan, crossover or SUV fits your luxury lifestyle at your local Metroplex Cadillac Dealers. Discover attractive purchase and lease options to fit your needs.