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Be a Tourist in Your Own City For a Day

Call it a “staycation” if you’d like... Here are some fun ideas on how to be a tourist in your own city.

  1. Take pictures in front of well-known landmarks/tourist spots

    Is your city known for any statues? Cool murals? Parks? Make your way to any “tourist” spot and have a fun photoshoot.

  2. Explore local museums

    Maybe you’ve never visited or maybe it’s been several years since you’ve visited a museum in your city. Explore the local museums and see what they have to offer. You could be surprised!

  3. Grab a meal at the most touristy restaurant

    Do you never go to this restaurant because of its “touristy” reputation? Give it a shot and order the dish they are best known for.

  4. Cheer on the local sports team

    Whether it’s going to the stadium to watch the game or a local sports bar, cheer on your hometown team.

  5. Do something outdoors you’ve never done before

    Does your city have hiking trails you’ve never visit? A park to play ultimate frisbee? A lake to go canoeing? Take advantage of the outdoors and do something you’ve never done before.