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The new year is quickly unfolding and with it, new design trends.

  1. Rustic Accents

Warm, wooden accents such as wooden ceiling beams or shelves will continue to be popular in making open spaces feel more cozy and rustic.


  1. Marble

Marble is very popular in all areas of design and fashion, and it’s being used for a lot more than just countertops.


  1. Nail studded furniture

The nail head accent is being taken beyond just upholstered furniture into chests, couches, headboards, etc. This type of detail can be found in just about every store where furniture is sold and it doesn’t look like it’ll be losing popularity any time soon.


  1. Grey accents

This color pairs well with a variety of styles and works to make a space feel more warm.


  1. Dark accent walls

Using dark colors such as navy blue on walls has become increasingly common in homes. Some people choose to use the dark color on every wall while others opt for just one dark accent wall. Either way, it brings character into the room. Just be sure to have some natural light or add bright accents to the room to balance it out!